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Splash screen proposition

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I think the feather is fairly well used and that makes it good and bad as a logo... good because of the instant recognition of function and purpose, but bad if the audience automatically thinks of a competitor when they see it, but I didn't think of Photoshop when I saw this image... (I use used a feather in my logo for my local writer's group BTW)

Photoshop uses an eye... Photopaint uses a camera... Draw uses a pencil ... a lot of printing software and printing companies use registration marks

but... WordPerfect uses a Pen nib (looks to the upper left)

so perhaps another recognizable designer's tool... T-square? 30-60-90 triangle? or how about a pen & straight-edge combo? Sillouette of a person hunched over a drawing table? a sweaty brow and worried eyebrows with a clock super imposed over top?


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