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I've prepared a Scribus splash screen project. Feel free to comment.



--- Quote from: alienpriv on August 04, 2011, 11:38:25 pm ---I've prepared a Scribus splash screen project. Feel free to comment.
--- End quote ---

I love the feather. The text "Scribus" and "open source desktop publishing" would be better if "Scribus" was in the standard font that has long been used. It has become kind of a logo. And make "Scribus" Roman and make "open source desktop publishing" italic, and in upper and lower case.

I keep thinking it needs color on the left side somewhere, perhaps "Scribus" could be in color. But I draw a blank when I try to think of which color would be best.

nice but...

... the feather is already taken by a not so old version of a "concurrent" product...

last month we also sat down and tried to think of a new logo...

the direction we wanted to go, was to use a stylized object which has to do with the work done with scribus.

while we agreed, that the pen which is currently used, doesn't really represent "DTP", we could not find anything which would match the modern DTP world (computer -> laser / offset / epub).

any idea?

Photoshop used a feather some time ago, but it's a different kind of programm - it's not DTP. And I think they're not using it anymore.
I think a bird feather would be a nice symbol. It's a symbol of creating text, old hand-made books; and the background of my design is a page.
As to the font, the current one is so common and so boring - it has no design in it. The font should be definitely changed. And I tried to use as few colors as possible - less means more professionalism.


hi lukas,

photoshop is a concurrent to scribus (directly (you can't imagine how many people around the world are doing DTP with photoshop) and indirectly (as part of a suite which does DTP, among other things)).

as far i can tell, most graphics designers will think of photoshop when seeing your proposal.

on top of it, as you correctly point out, the feather is a symbol for "old hand-made books"... but scribus is for working on a computer and targetting a modern press!

i like the graphical part of your proposal, but i'm really convinced that we should find a branding which recalls the modern printing workflow, not the medieval amanuensis.
and this is not an easy task!

... and a blue feather is a no go! ... and i'm know what i'm talking about: we came to the same idea during a logo brain storming a month ago :-)

for what i'm concerned, your effort is very welcome! but your proposal needs some further work...



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