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Windows 8.1 Scribus 1.4.4  -  Bug report but I am not a member so maybe someone else will test and report.
I have produced a facing pages book A4 size double sided. Every page has a number frame and an image frame.
The frames were set to margins of 10mm top-bottom and outside edge and 20mm inside edge.
Scribus rounded?? that to something like 10.44 and 9.?? and 19.?? for X Y position of frames.
Naturally they did not align 'through' the paper so I decided to align better.

I used Edit/auto select and noticed that the Properties Y position showed a ridiculous number. I deselected and then manually selected from lower numbered pages to higher, the same happened as soon as I selected the second frame.

However, if I went to the end of the book and selected in reverse, all the way to the front of the book, it worked perfectly and showed X-Y correctly.
I was then able to set the figures correctly for Y, then selected all left pages in reverse for X left and repeated for right.
So something is wrong with Properties under these select conditions.


hi enonod

could you please share/upload a simple demo .sla file showing the problem?

with exact steps to reproduce?

if what you describe is true, there is indeed a problem... but we need the team to be able to reproduce it...