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Hello all,
I was excited to see the new updates with the new release but quite disappointed now and looking for some advice. I learned to use Scribus for various brochure layouts and had it down to a fine science. Been using it flawlessly for more than 8 years now.  After downloading and installing the new version,  I'm finding it incredibly slow and at times... to not responding at all.

I usually use large .tiff flattened images for my backgrounds, (or native photoshop files) of course depending on what the project calls for. Well with the new software, it doesn't seems to handle file size well. With these heavy BG images, it is now very laggy and not responsive. When I delete the BG image and just use the story editor, etc. it's all fine. When I add the bg image, it gradually slows and eventually the software becomes laggy and unusable.

To keep work flowing, I have reverted back to which handles this method very efficiently with no issues what so ever.

I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong. I find it hard to believe that the software we would worse after all of this time. Any ideas?

My file size is about 120MB for the BG image, which isn't very large. On a windows 7 machine. So why the laggyness and unresponsiveness?



hi 4image

what dos this:
QuoteMy file size is about 120MB for the BG image
mean? – usually images are linked to the file, not embedded in it.

the next step after you separate the images from the .sla file is to define a low resolution preview for the images ('file' → 'document setup' → 'tools' → 'image frame properties' → 'on screen preview')



Thanks for the reply. I never mentioned embedded. The BG images are always linked.  ???

Not to repeat myself but this method works... right now in perfectly. The exact same method as I've been using for eight years now, does not work in the new version.

So my point is, I haven't changed the way I do things. But the software has changed and now there are issues.

I tried what you said. Still laggy. Even when clicking image frame properties, it said "not responding" momentarily, but eventually loaded.

When I click a text box, it takes a second or two as well to become active. Just overall super slow performance. Plenty of ram available and computer is plenty fast as it handles three of Adobe's  resource hoggers (PS, SW, AI) on a daily basis.

As I final test just to make sure...

I just opened my doc again in Works perfect!

I just opened the same doc 1.4.4. Sluggish and laggy.

I've also created new documents using the same method and discover laggyness as well.

Thanks in advance ;)


hi 4image

Quote from: 4image on December 29, 2014, 08:13:30 PMI never mentioned embedded.
no, you didn't – but the file size of 120MB made me think so...

QuotePlenty of ram available and computer is plenty fast...
lack of disc space could be another reason

QuoteI just opened my doc again in Works perfect!
with a 1.4.4 file???

i don't know what goes wrong with your scribus installation or workflow – sorry!



The file size is of course the size of the IMAGE FILE, not the SLA file.


Sorry it took me a while to get back to this, but I kind of aborted the mission because I had to get some work done. Well, the issue still exists. Disc space and ram have nothing to do with the problem.  Now, everything I open in the new version is slow. And this is with just a text file. No large background image.

I have a file that I have setup for a client. Business cards. Simple text. For testing, I opened this file in both versions at the same time. is perfect as usual. 1.4.... everything is sluggish and delayed. Everything I click on or drag...whether its a text box or image, it lags about 1 second to select or move and  item.

This is the same sluggishness it had mentioned in my first post with the larger file.

I'm approaching 20 years in graphic design, and have been working in Scribus for a very long time and I'm very familiar with it's quirks and behaviors, but this is drastically different.  Side by side, one performs, the other doesn't, so please try and avoid obvious assumptions.

If one is not familiar with previous versions, it may go unnoticed and accepted as the norm. Not sure if that's the case.

Thanks in advance. :)


well, many program get slower and slower on the same hardware...

and the more features get in and the slower the software gets...
it does not have to be that way, but it's too often a sad rule.

for your case, you could try to change the level of preview of the images... it might improve the speed... or using smaller images until production time (by renaming a directory: you link the images from images/ and have a folder images_production/ containing the images with same name; at production time you rename images/ to images_lowres/ and images_production/ to images/)

good luck!


Did you solve this in the meantime?

As for what I know, there is a problem known in scribus that it shows this behavior sometimes after beeing run for hours (but really in very few occassions). But that´s only sometimes and not like in your case every time.

Your version is 5 years old, at that time I did not use it often, but I don´t feel that the newer versions are slower in any way. And I still use the same computer. So I guess something may have gone wrong while installation. I would recomend to download the latest stable version of scribus at a different source, just to be on the sure side. Then install again. I would also check it out on a different computer. Sometimes the solution comes up all by itself when you see it´s allright somewhere else.

If your Version is slow allready while editing text and without pictures used, this for sure is not the usual behavior of any recent version.