Bugtracker & Guide options chaining - are broken

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Scribus version 1.4.3.svn

How to repeat the problem:
Go to File->Preferences->Document
Under Margin Guides make sure that the options chaining for Left, Right, Top and Bottom
are not chained together.

Then select OK, and go to Guides (in the left panel) then select Show Page Grid
Now if you change the Major and Minor Grid spacing to what you want independently it will not
allow you tobecause the options are incorrectly being chained together.

If you go back to Margin Guides and select options chaining for Left, Right, Top and Bottom
and then return to Margin Guides then you can - incorrectly - independently set the Minor and
Major Grid spacing settings.

It looks like the flag logic is swapped in the code.

Furthermore I tried to submit a bug request but the bug tracker server (https://bugs.scribus.net/)
is giving me an error:
(Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

I found some possible resolutions to this error here:

I don't know how to notify them so I'm posting this here, if someone knows an email address or alternative method please let me know. I have not started using Scribus, I just recently grabbed the latest version from the Ubuntu repository and was trying to get through my first tutorial.


Well, just a quick hint for starting with scribus: don't use grids...

Guides are IMO better suited for layouts.

And if the big is indeed there, it should be fixed!

And if the bugs tracker is failing again i'll start crying...

Have fun



back to my computer!
(more comfortable than the tablet)

i had a look at the guide thing.

not sure i 100% get your issue.

however: the chaining in the document preferences are for the page margins. and the grid, well, it's the grid.
on top of it, those settings have been much reworked in the version currently being developed and i'm not sure that the settings are still that way...

concerning the bug tracker: the https version seems indeed broken. the http://bugs.scribus.net one is working for me...

have fun with scribus