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Hi, I'm new scribus user, I have problem with text align justified. Text parallel at the right side, but not parallel at the left side. Thanks..

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welcome to scribus!

you have to define a tabulator for the paragraph style and add a tabulator sign after the dot and one or more space.

and you have to make sure that all a. to c. have enough place before the tabulator.

the tabulator should be at the same place as the hanging indent (and the left margin should probably be 0...)

have fun


MS Word 2010 works the same way, but if I don't recall wrong earlier versions of MS Word had an implicit tab stop at the hanging indent (so you didn't have to put that tab stop there). Having to put the tab stop there manually means having to try to place two things at the exact same location, and if you need to change the indent you also need to change the tab stop...