Issue: displayed offset from zero position for all elements in document

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I've been using Scribus sporadically for years now and stumbled upon a strange behavior, which I did not have before.
The displayed X and Y positions in properties window (F2) suddenly have an offset - you can see it in the screenshot, where I have aligned an image object at zero position (-3mm / -3mm) and have a displayed position of more than 30 mm. The offset is on all objects, on all pages in my document.

Do I just not find the property to set correctly, or is this a bug I caught during layouting?
I do not have this behavior in other documents, so I guess I accidentally changed the property... where can I reset it?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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hi layouter

i assume you moved the origin of the coordinate system.
just doubleclick the free square between the rulers (in the upper left corner of the window).



Hi utnik,

thanks a lot! That solved my problem, you saved my day  :)