Can't import my content (SVG or EPS)

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I have a layout that I've done in inkscape that I want to convert to CMYK for printing (though... I'm actually not sure if that makes sense, since most of my content is from PNGs to begin with ...) so I want to import it into Scribus for this purpose.  When I try to import the svg, scribus tells me there are unsupported features, and the imported content does not even preserve layout of the content.  When I export from inkscape to EPS and try to import that to Scribus, I just get a "import failed" error.  Links to the SVG and EPS files are below.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!


what about exporting a high resolution png or tiff from inkscape?

all in all: scribus is not an rgb to cmyk converter for inkscape...

... but it would be nice if at some time in the future, scribus could support even more svg features!

good luck