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that dialog you're seeing is the preflight verifier: it checks that your document is ok, before getting to the pdf export (or ps export)

it's a good idea to set it to the correct target -- so that you get messages that matters to you -- but it won't affect at all the export by itself.

if you can find out what the issue is, and the issue is indeed an issue, it's likely that it will be handled with high priority.

... but i fear that it's more likely that some "stupid" thing is behind it. maybe a little setting you forgot to set correctly... or a check from the publisher that is insane (like checking if they can find the word adobe in the creator string...)

hard to say from here...

Ged, it will make a difference. Though PostScript and PDF is very similar, PDF is a totally different world.

Let us know if you were successful.


--- Quote from: a.l.e ---
... but i fear that it's more likely that some "stupid" thing is behind it ...

--- End quote ---

Im inclined to think so too.   :(  My problem, however, is that I cannot tell if it's a glitch in Scribus or a glitch in Academia's uploader, or an oversight of my own.

So, here is what I intend to do.  Ive created a similar pdf in Pagemaker, and I will give it to Acrobat to create the link. Then Ill take it to Academia.  If it loads up, the problem is me or Scribus.  (Me most likely.)  Anyway, Ill get back here and share.

Aha!  My file has actually been loading on to Academia, but it must be uploaded by a visitor in order to read it.  (ie. It cannot be read on  the Academia website.)

If you want to check out what Im talking about, please go here, and scroll down to 'Experiment'.  Click on 'Experiment' - but no joy.  Click on 'Download' - fine and good.   :)

So, what I have to figure out, is how to make the pdf readable both ways.  Academia's uploader is spitting about something - but what?

ps. the link worked well!

I think it depends on the server. Did you try to post it somewhere else, i.e. on a standard server?

If you have a DropBox account, you might try to upload your document there into the 'public' folder, right click to get the link, copy the link, paste it into your browser and see what will happen. Usually the PDF documents will be displayed.

I just have transferred a Scribus PDF to my DropBox:

It should display in the browser window without any problems (at least at my end it does)


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