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I have exported my document to PDF and viewed it in Adobe Reader.  Looks good.   :)

Now, I would like to create a link in my PDF page before uploading on to the Internet.  Previously I would open the finished PDF in Adobe Acrobat, and add the link there.  However, it would be nice if Scribus could perform that task.  Am I in luck?

Yes, Scribus can do it.

I did it as per the Scribus article, but when I tried to upload my pdf document to, I got the following error message:

--- Quote ---Sorry, we couldn't convert your document for embedded viewing.
There are a number of potential reasons for this:

* The document was saved in a format that we can't process (for example, .jpg)
* The document was saved with encryption or password protection
* If we tried to pull it from an external address, the URL may have been malformed or obsolete
--- End quote ---

I will now try to upload it using Acrobat.  If that is successful, we may have to assume that I missed a detail in the Scribus instructions.  Either that or there is a 'bug.'   >:(  I'll let you know how I get on.

Reading on this page (referred to from help pages)

Did you try the links before you uploaded the document?

Yep, tried the link and it worked OK.  Checked the academia article, and updated 'Flash' as the article suggested.

One thing else I noticed is that when exporting, Scribus default profile is set to "Postscript."  Ill try it set to "PDF14" instead, and see if it makes a difference.


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