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I've used guides for years but lately I've been getting along without them.

I feel that they can stifle creativity sometimes, especially when I've found myself trying to fit things into the guides rather than designing round the actual content.

Obviously there are times when guides are very useful but sometimes I feel "forced" into certain decisions that I don't want to make just because the guides are there.

I know they're just "guides" rather than "rules" but if you don't go along with the guides then why use them at all? (Having said that, generally I would advise using guides.)

This is all a personal choice however; horses for courses, as they say.

There are quite a few rules like the golden ratio, rule of thirds etc that are easy to follow by using guides. But that does not mean all content has to be aligned with the guides, just the major "lines" in the "image".

So there are different reasons to use guides. Some are to help giving the page balance, others are to align content and there may be other reasons too.

As with most typographic and design rules, you just need to know when to break them:)

Hi Gary,

I really like these magazine covers. While they may need a tweak here and there they are very nice and I feel that a Scribus magazine cover template is much needed and perhaps could be put on for example.

I did do a gamer magazine magazine cover once I copied the template from an InDesign template and I ask the author if they were ok with me dong this and they were fine as I wasn't redistributing it and if I did I would have given them the credit for it. I was amazed that I could pretty closely match the design in Scribus.

Keep up the great work. :)

Hi Michael.

I'm glad you like the covers. If they were for a real commission then they'd need some proper tweaking - as you say - to make sure everything was just right but as they're only experimental I'm fairly happy with them.

As for templates, I don't use them myself. If I need a variant of something I've already made I just make a copy of the existing document and edit the copy. Also, in the specific case of the covers here, so many things would have to be manually changed for a new purpose that a template simply wouldn't be plausible.

For instance, the title text had to be converted to outlines and each letter manually moved around to get it looking as I wanted it. This sort of thing can't be achieved as part of a template.

Something like a magazine cover is so specific to the individual publication that I can't see a template being much use. So much stuff would have to be manually changed to make the cover unique to that publication that hardly anything of the template would remain.

Having said that though, once the tools in Scribus get more sophisticated - so that "excursions" to Inkscape and GIMP aren't necessary - then I could see it being more of a possibility. Fingers crossed for the future.

Currently learning scribus, as open source is the way to go I think, but am looking around for some good templates.
Wondered if anyone could share with me a copy of the magazine cover template?  I really like the look of it, and wanted to have a go at tinkering with it to help me master scribus a bit more.




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