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I've been messing around with this for a few hours today and I'm not really getting where I want to go - wherever I thought that might be! - so I thought I'd "put it out to the wolves" and see what comments, criticisms, suggestions or whatever else people can come up with.

I'm not happy with a lot of things, including (but not confined to): Font selection; Text colours; Image selection; The whole bottom-half of the page (if I'm honest).

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm in no way suggesting that this will ever become a "real thing". That wouldn't be up to me anyway. It's just me having a play around with an idea and seeing what comes out is all.

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This was a hard one... I can agree it looks a bit strange, but it's hard to pinpoint specific issues.

Could you post one with a neutral (maybe gray or black) background instead of the image? Because I think it may be a matter of "mismatch" between the image and the other content.

How many fonts have you used? I get a little bit of the feeling that there are to many font variants.

2015 looks way to weird, kerning please! :) It's probably because the font has monospaced figures?

The two yellow texts half way down, to me the right one looks as a larger size... it's proably an illusion, but why? Because of different number of lines? Or because of background image color?

Move "100% Unofficial" closer to "us"? Or is it in line with the b ascender?

I think Issue #1 should be in line with the edgeds of the barcode in some way, now they look centered to eachother.

Could you maybe post an image with guides visible?

Thanks for getting in touch Nermander.

I've only used two fonts but you're right, I've used a lot of variants. Probably too many as you say. I'll look at cutting them down a bit.

I didn't notice the problem with the 2015. That needs to be fixed (if I keep that bit of text).

For the yellow text I might have used a slightly different size or leading. Each was done at a different time and it's quite possible I used different values. Needs to be looked at.

You're right that the 100% text needs to be moved, and that the barcode and Issue # need to be aligned better.

I didn't use any guides, it's all by eye (with the alignment tools).

I've also had some great feedback from a Google+ post on the same thing so I've been making quite a few other changes.

I'll post the updated - and quite different - version when it's ready.

Thanks again.

Variation on a theme.

After some great feedback about my last cover post - both here and on Google+ - I've made some changes:
* The main image has been changed to something less "gloomy".
* The header has been tidied up and uncluttered a bit.
* Two bullet points have been converted to headlines.
* "OPEN AND FREE" has been removed. It didn't add anything to the page.
* A new "issue theme" title graphic - the guitar - has been added.
* Images at the bottom have been removed and the base of the page has been colour-inverted.
* The bottom text has been re-arranged to give better balance.
* A little "badge" has been added to give the bottom of the page a bit more interest.
* Various alignment issues have been addressed.
* Some drop shadow issues have been fixed.
* The pointless barcode has been removed.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. It's all been very useful and I'm grateful for the assistance.

Again, if you think anything on this version needs changing then I'd be happy to read your thoughts but I'm not sure if I'll be taking this any further. It was just an experiment after all.

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I think that not using guides may have been a major source to earlier "problems", I think the "geometry" of a front page matters a lot on how it "feels". The problem is to decide on how many guides to use:)

I would start with two side margin guides (avoid content outside those).

Then a few horizontal guides splitting off sections like: "content above title", "title", "subtitle" and "footer content".

Finally a few vertical guides splitting the page into 2, 3 or maybe 4 "columns". Now not all cells will use all guides, but those guides will give you a geometry to follow.

I took the liberty to draw some guides based on the content for your two versions.

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