Cannot install 1.4.5 on OSX 10.10.1

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Hello Folks,

New to Scribus. When I try to install at the stage of selecting
the destination drive I get error:

Scribus 1.4.5 can't be installed on this disk. This build of Scribus
requires max OS X 10.5 / Leopard or later ...

I am using an Intel Mac Air with OSX 10.10.1. It has a single disk
with a case sensitive file system.

Any ideas?



That is odd. Where did you get the install file from ?



hi neil

try the .dmg from the same location.



I was going to suggest that but if Neil can hold on a little while it might help Kunda to get more diagnostic information from him that might help to fix what could be a problem with the PKG.

If he's really desperate to get Scribus installed - and why not? - then that's fine, of course, but if he could wait a little it could help a lot of people.

Just thought it might help to mention this.

P.S. Neil: In case you were unaware, the full Mac installation instructions can be found here: