3 x 4GB PC memory in one computer. Is it possible?

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Is it possible to in one computer put 3 x PC Memory DDR3 4GB 1333MHZ VALUE PLUS CL9, so 12GB together?
If computer will be use them to work?
If rather should be 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb etc?


It usually depends on the motherboard. Nowadays many (but not all) motherboards can accommodate any number of modules in any slot. But some motherboards have restrictions.

I remember my first Windows machine back in the 90:s, it had 4 slots. Slot 1 had to be populated, slot 2 could be empty or the same size as slot 1, slots 3 and 4 could be empty or both the same size. I remember having 4+0+4+4 MB in that machine at delivery.

So in most cases you should be able to put 3x4 GB, but you really need to read the manual for the motherboard to be sure.


Thank You.
motherboards = ASRock B85 PRO4 LGA1150 ATX : HDMI+DVI+VGA+SND+GLN+U3+SATA3 IN ( B85 PRO4 )


hi leaf

i guess, it'll work. but at least a part of the memory (4gb from the 8gb channel) will run in the slower single channel mode.
i would ask asrock (or asus, if it's an asus machine...)



yes, its possible, theoretically
best to check. Better yet, try to shop


once I bought Asus laptop which had 6 (4+2) GB of memory, and it worked nicely