Text postioning within a text frame

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The first line of text in a text frame appears to determine it's vertical position from the height of the tallest character in the first line.

To see this behaviour create a new text frame, double click within it (to enable direct text entry) and start typing with periods (.......) then lowercase letters without risers (oonma) then capital letters.
As you type you'll find the line of text shifts vertically.

Is this behavior considered correct?

Personally I think the position should be determined by the line height for the style (which is therefore under the user's control).

Is the current behaviour a feature or a bug?

(Tested on 1.4.0rc5/windows XP and 1.5.0svn/Ubuntu)

Meho R.

Try this: select a text frame, then go to Properties > Text > First Line Offset and select Font Ascent or Line Spacing instead of currently active Maximum Ascent.


Perfect! Thanks!

(and obviously the answer to my question is that it's a feature NOT a bug!)


Shouldn't Linespacing be the default? (Maybe it already is?)

At least it's probably what most people would expect.