Scribus doesn't import pictures

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When I try to import a picture to a picture frame, it only shows name of the imported file (see the attachment). I have no idea, how to fix it. Any ideas?

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netqa, first make sure you haven't moved either the image file or the Scribus SLA file.

Scribus remembers the relative directory structure position between the SLA and the image file at the time of "importing", so if you move either Scribus won't be able to find the image(s).

Or, did you import the image from removable media? That would cause the same problem too as Scribus doesn't actually import an image. It just remembers where the image is, so you need to have the image available on your permanent storage.

P.S. You might also get something similar if you're using files over a network and the drive "aliases" are created on the fly. E.g. What was network drive "N" yesterday is today drive "M". (This is quite rare but worth noting.)


But it happens, when I import new picture. And they all are on my computer, not on any removable media. I'm starting to think, that there is something wrong whit my laptop (on my other computer I dont have that problem).


It's difficult to tell from the screenshot but it seems like the image filename doesn't conform to what I would call a standard naming convention.

It looks like it's called "Davies.ClastoBezglutenowe_jpg", where the "." and "_" seem to have been swapped round. (The resolution isn't great so I could be wrong.)

Try renaming the file and see what happens. Make sure it complies with the normal "<name>.<extension>" convention, with no spaces so as not to confuse things on an OS-specific level.