missing edge of table on A5 in landscape format

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Been trying to print out on a Canon Pixma IP4500 an A5 image/landscape format with 2 tables on it. All looks fine on print preview but when I print out the tables the far right hand side of one of the table plus half a tick box (within the table) is missing. Any help much appreciated.


The first thing to say is: Don't use the Print function within Scribus.

It doesn't work very well. (I've said for ages - and I don't think I'm alone in this - that it should be removed until it works properly but I can't see that happening.)

It's best to export to PDF then print from your PDF reader instead. If everything is on the PDF but doesn't come out on the page you'll then know it's not a Scribus problem (and probably a printer/driver issue instead).

If this doesn't fix the problem then just post back.


Thanks Garry. yep, woke up in the middle of the night with a vision to use pdf. thanks for confirming the vision. Used photoshop CS2 this morning but it was still producing the same issue tho i could resize the image way better using photoshop. It's annoying because i can't utilise a few millimetres on the far left margin of landscape to balence out these 2 tables with equal margins for use on a binder - having to use too much guess work.

If it is a driver prob Canon's initial response was :

With reference to your query regarding printing onto A5 paper with the iP4500 from Scribus, we can suggest to contact Scribus support as Canon can only recommend and guarantee the usage of Canon software. We are very sorry that we are unable to assist you with your enquiry and for any inconvenience that this may cause. 

i will play around more with the print commands re the Print function within Scribus and i do have a couple of other printers to experiment on


Read the printer manual. Most printers can not print to the edge of the paper.

From what I can tell your printer only supports edge free printing on A4, photo formats and credit card size.


cheers for the info. Never had a manual for that printer. Came as a gift. Would explain the issue tho. i will get a manual download. thanks again.