Baseline Grid - What's that?

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I've just added a new tutorial to the Scribus wiki explaining the baseline grid. It's mainly for beginners but, of course, everyone is welcome. Tell me if you spot any mistakes (or just edit it yourself).

You can find it here:


good example! (image + two columns of text)

topic well covered.

but in my eyes there are too many side topics in this tutorial.
i'd prefer to see at the beginning:
"for this tutorial you should first read:
- how to insert an image
- how to define preferences
- ..."

but that's me :-)

thanks for sharing!



Yeah, there are a lot of side topics but it's difficult to judge where "the line" is for this sort of thing when a tutorial is for people just beginning with Scribus. Because you don't know where people are in their learning curve when they come to it you can't assume what they know, and I didn't want to put people off reading it early because it's so important.

For example, it could be argued that not using styles would make the whole thing a lot "lighter" but the baseline and styles work so well together that it could be argued the other way that it would be silly not to use them. Swings and roundabouts.

Having said that, I'll probably review it later and see what can be changed. I'm sure it can be improved upon; it's not perfect by any measure.