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unfortunately due to lack of manpower, no. Hoping it will happen for the 1.6 milestone.

i understand !
my return about ux
it fill have strange behavior we need to change something in 2 tabs to setup ...(fill and color) i think it was better to insert fill color in fill tabs it was more userfriendly
scribus is realy great !!!
i love it

Yea, the PP (preference panel) needs love. The devs know about this already. thanks for your feedback

Maybe this topic will attract UX/UI folks that can actually collaborate and implement some of these changes before Craig/Jean make time for it. Lets hope

I'm glad this is being talked about!! I just downloaded to take a peak at what is new in 1.5 and right away I was blown away that the Properties window is a step BACKWARDS. At least in 1.4.x whatever category you were on was all you saw, so it was easy for my eyes to place buttons and what I was doing.

Now is 1.5 it's just one long scrolling list of EVERYTHING, which makes it very difficult to quickly see things and know exactly where I am in my work flow.

I really hope either the improvement suggested in the first post is seriously considered as it's beautiful, streamlined and is a nicer way of how 1.4.x worked OR the devs just go back to the 1.4.x model of things.

I have no clue why anyone would want a loooooong scrolling list of everything. It's MUCH easier to click on a category and see the options then to have to scroll to find a category first or always remembering to close one after you are done with it. It's now extra work. Seems backwards!


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