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1.5 is a dev release. 1.5.1 is where the changes are being made with new icon set and such. I think the devs are planning to update the PP before 1.6
Scribus definitely has a developer shortage. Looking at the codebase, it's an enormous undertaking to keep this DTP going and staying relevant. If you have any skills or know anyone that would like to volunteer...Scribus is open to proofs of concepts and patches.

hi nathbeadle

as kunda says 1.5 is a dev release.

it's a step towards a future 1.6... and everybody hopes that 1.6 will contain a PP with much better usability!

work on it seems to be going on behind the courtains... and i'm as eager as you to see improvements in the properties palette... the current state is really not comfortable to use.

Hi Guys,

after a long time I have made a rework of my initial concept for the property window. The new layout is based on the same tab logic as you can see in the first post. Currently not all tabs are done, but I think the finished parts are a good impression for design strategy.

I look forward to your feedback and I hope you like it.  ;)


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I've made this with Inkscape ... feel free to modify the mockups.


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This is great.

A few things might need to be moved round a bit, but otherwise something like this would make Scribus look fantastic.

A good job done. (Fingers crossed that someone can translate it into Qt.)


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