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Hi guys,

I did an analyse of current scribus interface and user experience with latest version 1.5. At first I'm an InDesign user since 2006 and work for a while with Scribus. How to say I'm not new in Scribus but I'm missing some nice features for a good intuitive workflow. My first steps with Scribus take a while to understand the logic and relations behind some functionalities.

I've collect all my improvements and ideas in a Google Slide.

Check it out and give me feedback for your point of view and your optinion. It's a living document!

Hint: This document is a rough collection of ideas and will be update time by time. Ignore spelling mistakes and have fun  :D




If you don't want to read all the posts, take a look to the "last state" of the concept here:

I created this presentation to keep the concept up to date on one place. If there are new stuff based on discussions here I will update the concept as well.

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This is seriously awesome. This post and the new Icon post! Full Speed Ahead

Oh, now, I really do like this.

I've been muttering about this kind of thing for years but my crazy random outbursts are scattered around various posts and not in any kind of order like this.

I really like some of the ideas about changes to the Properties Palette (Window Properties in the presentation). This palette has way too much empty/unused space and even before 1.5 it was becoming unwieldy to use. With the extra functions in 1.5 - I especially notice it on OSX - there are so many sub-sub-scroll-lists/areas that it's very difficult to know exactly where you are without a good deal of thought. (See the attached screenshot for one example of the confusion. Notice the two scrollbars together on the right.) I do realise that 1.5 is still in development and things will get moved around, but this is the perfect time to see what can be done.

I particularly like the suggestion to convert the Properties tabs to side-icons (or even top-icons like GIMP). The existing tabs take up way too much space at the moment, so moving them to the side (or top) will free up a lot of extra "real estate".

Also, the different icons look great. Some kind of collaboration between Martin and otx (see the link from Kunda above) would do good things in my opinion.

Using an extra context-sensitive toolbar to offer some of the adjustments - like Inkscape, as mentioned in the presentation - Window Main (Tools) - instead of elsewhere looks very nice too. Anything to make the interface clearer and easier to use.

If I could add one extra thing, the Shape and Group tabs of the Properties Palette have much the same effects but on different things (with a couple of exceptions). Could they not be combined and made context sensitive? I.e. If you've got a group selected it offers group-related effects, or shape-related effects when the object selected isn't a group. It's just a thought.

I'll need to have a look at the presentation again but this could be a very good and much-needed step in the right direction.

A really great start Martin.

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yeah, awesome proposal!

now need to get it to the next step, where we produce specifications and files people can work with!

for the last year i've been collecting ideas in a github repository. one idea per project:

most are just in draft status, some even just a placeholder.

the idea is to fill it with details until somebody picks it up and can implement it.

you're welcome to fork it and making pull requests to it!
if possible with projects that are small enough, that there is a chance that somebody picks it up!
(meta projects like "redoing the UI" are also ok... but i prefer a project "vertical selector in the PP" with icons attached)

did you think you update ux for 1.5 version ?


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