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I just noticed that I cannot type in the Color Notation of the color that I need to use (#075b25) in the color wheel, wondering if theer is another place i can do that?


Hey RodneyLee,

I go to, free to use even without signing in... I have never seen this color choosing ability in Scribus, but I could be wrong...

and type in your color number under the first color box and then I choose the color mode to the left to get the color value equivalents.

L: 33 A: -36 B: 24
R: 07 G: 91 B: 37
H: 141 S: 92 V: 36
C: 92 M: 00 Y: 59 K: 64

I hope this helps!




Thanks, I'll give that a shot, one of the colors I wanted to use was like R=33.7 G=10.3 B=22.4 (just example, not exact) Scribus doesn't allow the decimal point numbers.
a color picker that can get colors from an Image would be a great addition (unless it's theer and I just missed it)

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Ok that works, removes the decimal point for normal RGB numbers I also found this site
have to see why I get decimals in GIMP