Text converted to image upon PDF export

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I am new to Scribus, and this may be covered in other threads. When I export my project to PDF, the output is only an image. That is to say, the text is not selectable. Is this normal or can I adjust settings to my requirements?
Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Best regards, Morten Dürr


Hi Morten.

Have you checked that you're not outlining the fonts? Outlined fonts are essentially converted to vector graphics and, as such, aren't selectable as text in the PDF.

Look in "File -> Export -> Save as PDF" then click on the "Fonts" tab. Fonts that are to be outlined are listed in the "Fonts to outline" box. Try "Embedding" the font instead (use the appropriate buttons).

If you are using a font with copyright attached you may have no choice but to outline it as it may not be able to be embedded for copyright reasons.


Thanks Garry, let me try that!
Kindest regards, Morten