What to do If your registration is rejected

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If you attempted to register on this forum, but your registration was rejected i.e. an account wasn't created within a week or you got a rejection email please read the following:

At this time the main rejection criterion is the presence of your email address or IP address in the Stop Forum Spam database. Every email address that matches the SFS list is checked against the Scribus Mailing List membership list. All mailing list members get approved. Everyone else gets rejected because it's a lot less painful to make it slightly more inconvenient to register then to spend much time and goodwill cleaning up the forums from spam and malware links. So, please understand that our goal is to keep these forums clean and support civilized discourse. We understand that some email addresses/IP addresses could be incorrectly tagged as those that belong to spammers. We apologize if that happened to you. If your registration was rejected by mistake then please contact us. We'll be happy to rectify the mistake we made. Thank you for understanding. We hope to see you in the forums soon.
Scribus Forum Admin. Please PM with questions if you are having administrative problems with the forum.