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Karak Norn Clansman

Quote from: PreambleHi! I'm an inexperienced amateur when it comes to most computer programs. The only editing program experience I have comes from 18 years ago, on an old program for Windows 95, aimed at youngsters, which let you create newspapers, congratulation cards and books. By recommendation from others, I've picked up Scribus to cobble together one or two simple issues of a webzine that has lay dormant for a couple of years.

During a lull in the Autumn term's studies I read through the first parts of the how-to-do-Scribus Wiki articles, but when studies picked up again, I didn't have the drive to go on, and by now I have forgotten large parts of what I read. Now, with more time at my hands once again, I would like to invest that time directly in building the webzine, and not plow down too much time in Wiki articles that my beginner's brain won't fathom sufficiently without explanations from others for the difficult parts.

Would you please like to provide some assistance for a few key points? Some patience with my beginner's ways would be appreciated. :)

Short step-by-step explanations, and Wiki links where you feel necessary, should suffice. I'm just out for a rudimentary grasp of the program to carry me through, the aims are not high.

As such, here are the things I believe I need to know at the present:

* How to make text appear on top of a background picture.

* How to make text flow around pictures.

* How to make text appear in two columns, page by page throughout the magazine.

* How to make "sub-texts" beneath pictures, independent of page columns.

* How to number the pages.

There will likely be more things creeping up as the editorial work progress. I'll try to make do on my own where possible, but those abilities are as of now most limited.

Thank you in advance!


hi karak

take a look at the scribus documentation!
you need at least:
if you follow the quick start guide, you'll flip through most of them. unfortunately it doesn't touch the styles – the main drawback of this tutorial...

if you need some more help after consulting this documentation, you may ask again...