Malayalam typing by google malayalam

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I am not an expert in publishing. Just downloaded scribus 1.4.5 and installed in my laptop. I have been using Microsoft office publisher for my free online magazine. The magazine is based on poems published in Facebook group in malayalm ( an Indian language). I am just copying the matter from Facebook webpage and modifying using google Malayalam keyboard. MS office publisher displaysthe character (I think it is Unicode) in Malayalam. But when pasted to story editor it is displayed in Malayalam character but when clicked on update text frame and exit, the characters are displayed as only group of rectangles. Likewise when typed by google Malayalam no character appears even after changing the fonts from the font list. Is there any technics to enable google Malayalam character support in scribus?


The font used in the story editor is a totally different font than is used on the canvas. Make sure the text is using a font containing the glyphs you need (best way IMHO is to use Styles).