[solved] colour management and bitmap export

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Hello, I am trying scribus 1.4 to create a photobook, because it seems to be a way better than other alternatives I have. The printing service accepts RGB JPEGs only, so I thought I could use export to JPEG. However, I could not find a way to select/determine the ICC profile of the target JPEG, which is kind of essential think. The source images use ProPhoto RGB and I would like the result JPEG use that profile as well (or even convert it to minilab's ICC profile I have).

thanks for any suggestions

EDIT: I tried export to PDF (web/screen), but all applications I tried seems to ignore the profiles embedded in the images, so the colours do not match unless I associate the profile explicitly.

SOLUTION: The trick is to export to PDF/X-3 (or later), that tells the other programs (e.g. ghostscript) to use embedded ICC profiles.