Linespacing doesn't work

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Hello All!
This is my first post on the forum and I am new to Scribus as well. I've been reading up on it in the Wiki and watching some videos by Craig Maloney. So far, it seems like a pretty great tool.

However, I am having difficulty with the linespacing tool. I am trying to modify the linespacing of text in a text box. I go to properties-->text and the linespacing button is grayed out. I can still click on it and get the menu, but I cannot change the checkboxes in the menu.

Am I missing something on how to apply this tool?


Meho R.

Really strange. Which version of Scribus and which operating system are you using?

Generally, it is enough to select a text frame (or some text in a text frame, if you want to change line spacing only for a paragraph or two) and in Properties window select one of three options for line spacing (but only "Fixed Linespacing" allows you to change values, while other two do not). I have no problems with this on Linux, Scribus 1.4.0rc5. So, if you're using version 1.3.3.x, my first suggestion would be to try a newer version. 1.4.0rc5 works really good. And if you still have problems, then try attaching an example .sla file which shows the issue, for testing purposes.