Layout distortion when printed - embedded PDFs

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I am creating  a layout for a print job of a document that was created for digital use in Open Office. The PDFs are then imported and embedded into Scribus for the print job.

Even though the layout is correct on screen and when it is loaded to the printer (Magcloud) when the print job comes back the document has been distorted.

I have locked the image frame size and content and have embedded the PDFs. I have set the pre-press to use document bleeds.

Does anyone have any advice that might help me determine why this is happening?




Why are you importing the PDFs into Scribus instead of printing them directly?

As far as I know the PDF embedding in Scribus is still considered "experimental".


Thanks for asking.

The PDFs were originally created for screen view in Open Office but they now need to be printed and the printer has a slightly different page dimension due to the bleed setting. As it is not possible to set bleeds in Open Office the solution has been to import them into Scribus.

Instead of recreating every single page with new margins a template has been created in Scribus meaning the dimensions are the same as the screen version but the document has bleeds.

The original documents were not created in Scribus as it does not support the italicised version of the font we wanted to use.

Any idea why they might be distorting when they go to the printer when they look perfectly normal on screen?