Embedding Audio in PDF???

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Trying to kick inDesign habit...

Even though most powerusers would agree that embedding video in PDF is less than desirable, yet using audio in your presentations or study material is a feature I'd love to see in Scribus.
So, how is my success thus far? Upon launching the interface, an audio frame will not be found. Instead it'd be okay to use render frame to implement audio in your final PDF output. There we go. Okay, what's next? If you have miktex installed, you are in luck.  ;D
I was able to use media9 package to generate successfully audio and video frames in latex in the past. But with large development times and no built-in "ease of use" philosophy, Latex is going to wait. So, I select Latex command in the "edit source" option for my render frame. I place simple media9 code for an MP3 sample and update the frame successfully. Is that it?

As a matter of fact, yes. The frame renders beautifully with all the text and play button. And ... That's all folks! Once I export to PDF I can't select my text nor push the play button to hear my audio. And that just kills me.  :'(

I was able to find cool features in Scribus that were useful in inDesign (such as edge detection and wrapping) but no ability to play audio. And here is what makes it even sadder for me. Either the solution is too simple, yet I wasn't able to find it. Or it's too hard and I won't be able to implement it at all.

Now I realise render frame is probably designed to insert graphics rather than media elements, and I am pretty sure there is something wrong with my output options but the fact remains - audio is important and Scribus would be even greater if it supported the option.

Any thoughts?


Scribus main target is design for print. In print, audio is really not useful. That probably explains why nobody has yet bothered to include the feature.

Did you try to see if for example LibreOffice Writer can embed audio in a PDF? It might be that the PDF needs to include a player, and nobody has yet written such a players as Open Source.


dude, a few months ago I tried - as an experiment - to include animation in a PDF using LaTeX via a render frame by following this http://pages.uoregon.edu/noeckel/PDFmovie.html but I couldn't get it working.

My LaTeX knowledge is very limited however, so you might be able to use/modify the instructions to do what you want.

I'd be very interested to see something working, even on just an experimental/demo level.

P.S. Did you try different PDF viewers? Not all of them handle everything correctly. Adobe Reader is "best"?


Hey guys,
I guess for purely printing options Scribus is just fine, but then again Adobe with inDesign wouldn't have even considered spending a penny on including audio and video features in their software had they thought it were useless. LibreOffice is also quite powerful when it comes to PDF printing. Unfortunately just like Scribus, all the media gets flattened upon export and gets represented in graphics mode only. The thing is that pdflatex is quite capable of generating media in final output and the built-in player works fine in many readers. And that just points out that there is something wrong with Scribus (if we are talking about media support).

GarryP, I had seen this source before and it does give good examples of using media9 and movie15 packages in latex, but Scribus interprets media in graphics only (using render frames).

I seriously think that this feature in Scribus could get it right up there with inDesign for internet-media users like myself. And now think that there is something more technical, far beyond my knowledge of Scribus and Latex, is going on that does not allow this to happen. Well, let's see if anyone else has any ideas on how to implement this even, as GarryP has said, "on just an experimental/demo level".