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Hi all,

Looking to use the adjust image to frame option and it maintains the images proportionality, which I do not want.  I would like the image to stretch horizontally to fit the frame when I choose this option or maybe a new option needs to be made...  I know people do not like comparisons to Adobe InDesign, but they have a "fit image to frame" and a "fit image to frame proportional" options and it is something that I use a lot, not sure if others would though...



hi mnawij

take a look at 'properties'  (f2)→ 'image' → 'scale to frame size'. just uncheck 'proportional' and you'll find what you're searching...



hi mnawij,

are you referring to the context menu?

personally, i'd prefer to keep the commands in there as is.
it's imo already too busy!
if there are really people that use that often the non proportional stretching i could suggest an option in the preferences where you could choose if that option behaves...

but even that looks like overengineered to me.

if i understood you correctly, scribus already has a few ways to achieve your task:

- through the image tab in the properties palette... it's a click away (and you should always have the PP open on the right side... :-)
- by defining the image frame settings (in the document settings > tools > image frame) to stretch in a non proportional way by default.
- by putting a "sample" frame in the scrapbook that you can pull out and use when you need it.

i guess you can pick the one you prefer :-)


One other way may be to first adjust the frame to the image, then adjust the frame to the final size.


Insert a very small frame
Get image
Adjust frame to image
Drag frame edges to guides to give it the final size.


Thanks for the advice and solutions.  I was looking first in the context menu and then to the drop-down menus.  I completely forgot (palm smacks forehead) about the Properties Palette, so one more click does not bother me at all.  Thanks again for the assistance.