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Steve Hill

I've used the "double sided" document layout on Scribus 1.4.3 to create an A4 bifold brochure which now needs to go to a professional printer.

So Scribus is displaying this as a single front page, vertically below that is a double page and vertically below that is a single back page, like:
2  3

I've got a problem with the bleed though - I've specified a 10mm bleed on all edges except the inside edge and extended the coloured boxes that make up the background colours for each page into the bleed.  But it seems that Scribus arranges the pages to butt up against each other vertically, and the bleed therefore overlaps.  I.e. the top of page 3 is covered by page 1's bleed, and the bottom of page 2 is covered by page 3's bleed.  This isn't just an artifact of Scribus' UI - it appears on the final PDFs too!

Is there some way to avoid the bleeds overlapping between the pages?  (maybe just specifying a vertical gap between the pages somehow?)


File -> preferences -> Display -> Gaps between pages and here put 20-30mm

Steve Hill

Perfect!  Thank you - I was looking all over for that :)