Embedding Opentype font - PDF 1.6 not available

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the helpful documentation says that Opentype fonts can only be embedded in PDF 1.6. I have a 100-page book set in Calibri, which insisted on outlining at the first proof attempt - it created a 1GB file (and we may wish to offer this book digitally as well as a print run). Armed with the above info, I went to change the PDF version for a second attempt, only to find that it only offers 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5!

Is this the fault of
1) Scribus (I currently have 1.4.3 but am downloading 1.4.4 as I write)
2) The OS (This system is Windows XP, but I also have a Vista and an OpenSUSE 13.1 system available with scribus installed, and the book is on an external HD)
3) The PDF software: This machine has the latest PDFlite, the Vista box has both PDFLite and full Acrobat (I'll need to check version, I have Adobe CS3) and OpenSUSE has Torvalds-knows-what.

Richard Grevers
New Plymouth, New Zealand


Sorry if I am a bit late.

I am running Scribus on Mac OS X with some 2.000 Open Type fonts installed. Never experienced any problems with export settings for PDF/X-3 and the printing company.

Maybe installing GhostScript (as required) will solve your problem?!