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Good evening everybody, I could use some help :)
I wanted to change a part of the text to a chart (Indesign has that feature) but whatever I try, it fails. I already found the tipp here to outsource the table to Libre Calc and import it as CSV (fail) or save as pdf and open in Scribus. This leads to instant crashdown (error 11 if that means something to anybody). Since it is quite a long chart (and not the only one!) I wouldnt want to start writing each number in the separate text box of the Scribus-"chart". Are there any tricks? I use Scribus 1.42 on linux mint.
Thanks for your help!


There is a script in 'Scripter', 'Scribus Script' menu called 'importcsv2table'. It takes data from .csv files and presnts them in table format.

Is that what you are hoping to achieve?



Thanks, I'll try again. Last time, I could import the CSV but it wasn't in table format, just with tabs and returns. But I'vent seen that script anyway. Next try  ;D