[SOLVED] How to upgrade Scribus?

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Scribus doesn't appear to have a built-in upgrade mechanism, but rather just a check for new versions. (Feature request!) After running the update check, I noticed that the new version wasn't automatically downloaded (another feature request!), nor was the appropriate download page automatically opened in my browser. I navigated to the Scribus website and downloaded the new version, started the installer, and attempted to install the new version in the existing directory, at which point I was told I had to uninstall the existing version. Seriously?

This whole process seems incredibly antiquated. Am I missing something? If this really is the correct upgrade procedure, will ALL my settings be saved? There are a lot of settings buried in Scribus and I don't want to risk losing any of them.

BTW, I'm trying to upgrade from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4.


well, judt use linux and you'll get a package manager and a modern way of updating and installing software that works for all your system :-)

on the other side, if i recall it correctly, there is some work ongoing for an update manager for windows... not sure it will come for 1.4.x though (and now way for me to check, since i (almost) only use scribus versions coming from package managers).

finally, as far i can tell, scribus should keep the settings when reinstalled... you might want to try out on a computer that does not have scribus on it yet.