Missing temporary installed font

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Hi all,
several font managers ("Typograf" in my case) can install fonts temporary, so that Windows don't needs to load them at startup.
Once installed in that way, all applications with a font chooser, started after that, can use them until the next Windows start. Not so does Scribus, it seems. The font does not show up in the selector.
Can anyone confirm this or did I miss a setting?

Thx Maikel


I used to use a (free) font manager called The Font Thing and it worked with the Scribus 1.3.3 series under Windows XP. But TFT did not work under Windows 7 so I don't know about newer versions or Scribus and Windows.


hi maikel

you don't need to install fonts to use them with scribus. but scribus needs to know where to find them.

scribus searches the following places:

  • the 'fonts' directory of the operating system
  • every directory specified under 'preferences' → 'fonts' → 'additional paths' (you'll need to close all .sla files to add a path!)
  • the directory wich contains the .sla file


Thx for the help.
The thing is, there are thousends of fonts in my additional directory, which I gathered from CD's and so on, so I thought to make the choice more clear and comfortable. The font manager can provide groups of fonts, which I wanted to preselect and activate a particular group when needed.
I'm hoping that Scribus can do it someway.