Getting the text to flow round picture frame in master document?

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I've created a master document and it has a picture on the side. I want to get the text to flow around the frame but the text in the document doesn't flow round the frame even if I have set in the master document.

Photos below.

Any ideas what I can do?

Many thanks,

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Hello escotb.

Text will only flow around objects that are "above" the text.

As the master pages are always "underneath" the normal page layers - they are drawn first - text on non-master pages (on the normal layers of the document) can never flow around objects on a master page.

Think of a master page as an unmovable layer (or set of layers) that is/are always at the bottom of the "layer stack".

In this particular case I would suggest drawing a circle - on your non-master page and on a layer that is at an equal or higher level than that of your text - which encapsulates the logo you wish to flow around then set the text flow to "Contour line" (expanding the contour line by around 10% outwards should give you a decent "gap"). You should also set this circle to have no fill or outline colour (so you don't see it).

It's not a brilliant solution but it works.

I've attached an example - screenshot and zipped collected output - that might show what I mean more clearly.

Note that even though the image on the master page is on a layer "Images" which is above the "Text" layer, because it is on a master page it is always "below" the other layers on the page, which is why the other circle (on the "Flow" layer) is needed. It's confusing but it's just a quirk of how Scribus creates its pages unfortunately.

P.S. Hopefully, in my opinion, future versions of Scribus will do away with master pages and instead have layers that can be applied to any page - like master pages - but will stay at a pre-determined level in the document. That way we could have background "master pages" and foreground "master pages" (which would be great for putting page numbers etc. on) but they'd just be layers like any other. I can only hope though.

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Hello GarryP,

Thanks for the answer. One more thing. The reason I wanted this to work in the master page is because the document is over 20 pages long. Is there a quick way that I can get the object (circle) into all the sides of the document with out starting from scratch and copying the pages??!!!



You're welcome.

One important thing I might add is that if your image "straddles" both the left and right pages you'll need to add it to both the left and right master pages (as I've done in my example). If you don't do this, when you come to make the PDF Scribus "cuts off" half the image on one of the pages. Another of Scribus' little quirks when it comes to master pages I'm afraid.

Anyway, back to your question. One quick way of copying the "flow circle" would be to use the Scrapbook.

Click on the "flow circle", right-click choosing "Send to Scrapbook -> Main" and give it a name to save as. Then when you want to insert it onto another pair of pages just click on the page you want it on, open the Scrapbook (menu "Windows -> Scrapbook"), locate the "flow circle" and double-click it. A copy will be put in the same place on this pair of pages as on the original. If your "flow circle" is more on the left-hand page of the original pair you should click on the left-hand page of the new pair, and visa versa. (Once you try it you'll see what I mean.)

It's pretty quick to do and shouldn't make much extra work for you.

An alternative would be to use the "Item -> Multiple Duplicate" function giving a vertical distance as the page size but I've a feeling you'd have to mess around with this to get it just right unless you alternatively mess around with the vertical "buffer gap" between the visible pages. (That's in "Preferences / Display" if you're interested.)

Another alternative would be to use the page import feature but I really haven't tested this functionality fully myself so I can't vouch for its "safety". This method would be to choose menu "Page -> Import...", then select the very same document you're working on, give the page range you want to import - e.g. 2-3 (or whatever page numbers your page pair are) - and tell Scribus where you want to create the new pages. It sounds a bit of a weird way of doing it but a quick test looks fine. It's up to you if you want to try it.

Well, that's three possibilities. I hope one works for you.



I went with the first option and it worked brilliantly.

Thanks a lot.


I'm glad to have been of some assistance.

P.S. The Scrapbook can be used to hold page layouts and all kinds of other things too. It's worth your while getting to know it a bit better.