Text is correct in Scribus, but last half-inch doesn't print

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I publish a monthly 32-page booklet,  saddle stitched, 2 pages to a sheet, both sides.
In Scribus, the text appears right to the end of the text frames, but when printed or viewed on the pre-print viewer, the last aprox. 1/2" of text does not appear. Images and borders print correctly.

This is a sudden new problem. Last month's issue printed correctly. I have never seen this problem in several years of publishing this with Scribus. I have been changing computers, but the one I used today is the same one I used last month.

Scribus 1.4.3, Windows 7, tried on 2 different printers (printers not really an issue, since it appears on the pre-print display.)

I just tried outputting the file as .pdf, and the problem was not there. Adequate fix for now.

Computer is HP 6530b laptop.


hi bob

does the problem only appear when you are printing direct from the .sla file? – if yes, this is a known problem. on some systems this output works, on others it doesn't.
the main goal of scribus is to produce high quality .pdf files – so your 'adequate fix for now' is the standard procedure...