how to connect to Mysql using python to print db

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Newbie question.  Connect to Mysql db and print the results in a Scribus publication. This seems to be hinted at all over the forum but no single good answer. I can get around in Python so I can do limited coding. What I want/need, is using Scribus to print results from db including photos. I have a web site and I want to print it into a catalog. Converting from /to PDF loses formatting(have tried using Adobe and Architect). I am naively hoping to open a new page insert the python code and have the SQL file/table printed, then repeat using a different table. Is this possible? I have checked the tutorials and queried the forums and I just do not see the answer, I could have over looked something. thanks


short answer: yes, there are ways to do this with scribus

short answer 2: you will need good scripting skills (or simple programming skills :-) to achieve that.

short answre 3: there is no readymade solution for it.