Author Topic: Trouble finding files  (Read 2235 times)


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Trouble finding files
« on: June 25, 2011, 11:30:59 am »
Hi there, I have just installed Scribus (latest stable version) on my Mac (Leopard) and I am really struggling to import files/images etc.

When I click "Get image", a dialogue box opens showing the folders on my Mac, but I can't open them to locate individual files.

What am I missing?

Meho R.

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Re: Trouble finding files
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, 02:20:23 pm »
Latest stable version is and is pretty old. I suggest you try with a newer one. 1.4.0.rc5 works really fine. If the problem persists, and you don't get an answer here, don't forget to ask at Scribus mailing list.