PDF Errors

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I have created a 26 page magazine in Scribus which I have uploaded to my website as a pdf so that web visitors can download it.

When I attempt to download the pdf file and view it using Adobe Reader 9 it either won't open and displays a message that the file is damaged and cannot be repaired or does open but shows that the document only has 2 pages. Pages 1-13 become page 1 and pages 14-26 become page 2! It also downloads and opens very slowly.

The problem appears to occur when Scribus creates the pdf file.

I am using Ubuntu and Scribus 1.4.2.  I have created pdfs in Scribus before but never had this problem.

Ozguy  :(


Do you have the same problem with the file BEFORE you upload it? It might have been damaged during the upload or download (for example anti-virus software may "filter" downloaded files).