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I hope this is the right place to ask this...

I am using Scribus version 1.4.3

When I create text boxes, they start out with outlines.  I cannot seem to get the outline to disappear without setting the text box outline colour transparency to 0.

This would be fine, except that it also makes the underlining of any text within the text box disappear.

It this me being silly, is there a work-around or is this not an issue in version 1.4.4?

Thanks :)


Hi Froom2.

Check your Scribus Preferences and go to the "Tools" section.
Then click the "Text Frame Properties" icon.
You need to make sure that the "Stroke Colour" - not "Text Stroke" - is set to "None".
That will make all new text frames default to having no outline colour.

You'll need to close Scribus and restart to apply the changes properly.


It says 'none' there, I'm so confused :(  and when I'm in the document, and try to change the width of the text box border for example, nothing happens.  Nothing changes.
Would it be worth uninstalling and redownloading andjust starting over do you think?


If you've got the outline colour of the text frame (the frame's border colour) set to "None" - for example in "Properties / Colours" - then you'll not see any change in the width of the outline. It will get larger but as there's no colour you won't see it changing. This sounds a bit confusing at first but it's expected behaviour. If you want to see the border you need to give it a colour.

Just out of interest, what OS are you using? And how did you install Scribus (and where did you get it from)?


Ah that actually kinda makes sense, thank you.  Although there is still no way to say no outline, in the line menu...

I'm on Windows 7, I got scribus from the scribus website...... I am still having this problem and I really honestly don't understand why the text underlining is linked to the text box outline, and I can't find a way toseparate them.  I mean, I can sort of understand it but it seems to me a particularly twisted kind of logic :(

I shall reinstall and update if still having issues.


Hold on a minute....

Having reinstalled, and seeing the same issue, I thought I'd see if I was being really stupid and look at the print preview.

So, even though it looks like there is a box around the text... it doesn't appear to be there in the print preview (I can't print properly to check as I don't have a printer)

Is this correct?  In which case, why is it so misleading (am I really stupid?) D:  but at the same time, YEY! :D


Scribus puts a box round each object so you can see what's on the page - including stuff that has no content - but not every box that you can see will be visible on the finished PDF document.

I very rarely use the Print Preview function myself as I rarely print anything. I prefer to use the "Preview Mode" (eye icon at the bottom-right of the main window). That's good enough for my purposes and the result of any change is immediate.

If you can see it in Preview Mode it will be on the PDF.

Having the boxes all over the place can be confusing but it just takes a little time to get used to.

If you want to work in "WYSIWYG mode" (my words, not official Scribus-ese) then just keep Preview Mode on all the time, however you might get some slow-down if you've got a very large complicated document with lots of high-res images.

You'll get used to switching between modes after a while.


You're awesome, thank you so much and I feel like a total idiot >.<
"Problem" solved, I've learned something obvious new about scribus.  Yey :)


You're very welcome.

And please don't feel too bad. Scribus is complicated and takes time to learn, but it's worth it.


I know this is an old post, but I had the same problem and discovered something. I set up a line style for the first time because I was using lines to separate different subjects on the same page. Somehow I had the page text box selected when I clicked on the line style I'd saved, and it put a line around the text box. The line stayed when I was in preview mode, so it will print. I'm happy to discover this since it makes some pages look right for my purpose.  8)