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Strange characters with Adobe Reader X

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Hello all. I have had the exactly same problem.

I've created a form with Scribus
Some text fields and form fields are included in this PDF.

Now Adobe Reader X 10.0.x was released.
The font is gambled. :P
I've setup the original PDF with embedded fonts.
Tried it without embedded fonts.
It works! no gambled text
PDF settings: PDF 1.5, no embedded fonts

After some weeks, Adobe Reader X 10.1.x was released
The font is gambled again  :'(
Tried several settings, found out, that only formfields are affected with this problem.
After some try and error, following worked for me:
PDF setting: PDF 1.3, no embedded fonts.

I got a bad feeling about the next updates of the Adobe Reader ..
I have no clue what they are changing every time..


Hello together, problem was completely solved for me since update of Adobe Reader X to version 10.1.1

best Regards


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