Scribus not respecting no-break spaces

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Scribus does not seem to be respecting no-break spaces after an en-dashes. Wouls anyone happen to know why? It acts as though the no-break space were a regular space (I guess I forgot to say that I added a no-break space after an en-dash to insure that it would not be situated at the end of a line, which is currently is. The only space between it and the following word is a no-break space).



Hi Biblio,
i could replicate that issue - seems like the dash (as a preferred break-point?) overrides the behaviour of the non-breaking space. The line breaks before the space in my example.
Good news is, you could use a "WORD JOINER (U+2060)" between the en-dash and the non-breaking-space to make it work the way you expected!

Best regards,


How do you enter U+2060 on an American keyboard? For example, to enter ASCII code I would hold down the alt key while typing 0176 to get the degree symbol. I assume U+2060 is unicode. Exactly what keystokes are required and are there one or two that must be held down while the 2060 is typed in?