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New to Scribus and having a sticky problem with Margins. I'm creating 1/2 letter size pages that will print on full letter sheet, be folded, sewn and become a book. I've used the "Golden Mean" short cut to create my margins.

Things look good until I print. On printing the margins seem to have doubled and shrunk my text area to the size of a deck of cards. I've experienced this in Scribus 1.4 ORC1 and 1.3.9 and in 2 operating systems, XP and Vista 64bit.

With my limited experience, I've run out of ideas to look for issues in fairly short order. I am very hopeful and open to any suggestions you all can provide.

Meho R.:
How do you print the document: from Scribus directly or from PDF file (which PDF reader are you using in case of printing from PDF)? A .sla file for testing purposes might be useful too...

I printed directly from Scribus to a printer (tried an Epson and an HP laser) and I made a PDF using CutePDF writer. I then printed the PDF from Adobe Reader 9.
I've attached the file. Its just the beginning of what I want to put together. Figured I would test print to see how things were looking. Glad I did.

Thank you for the help.

Meho R.:
This file produces a normal PDF, haven't noticed any issue with it (see the attachment; ignore the font).

If I understood correctly, you're actually trying to print two pages (half a letter size) on one sheet of paper (letter size, probably set to landscape). In that case, I think you'll have to google for "printing 2 pages on 1 sheet" or "duplex printing" (for printing using Adobe Reader pay attention to settings, especially to "page scaling" and "autorotate and center" options, since they might cause problems).

Another topic of interest for this issue might be imposition. Check out these links for starters:


I produced an example file (Imposed.pdf in the attachment) using an older version of multivalent mentioned in the second link above. This was command on Linux (Granpa Memories v1.pdf previously renamed to GranpaMemories.pdf):

--- Code: ---java -cp Multivalent20060102.jar tool.pdf.Impose -dim 2x1 -verbose -paper-size "11x8.5in" -layout "4,1,2,3" GranpaMemories.pdf

--- End code ---

Meho R.

Yes, that is exactly what I am trying for. I was able to recreate your success by exporting to PDF directly in Scribus. All the other methods I was using somehow involved the Print Driver. I will have to experiment some more to see what the issue is, exactly.

The most important thing is I have a solution to move forward. Thank you.

For other projects, I've used the booklet printing function in Adobe Reader and an open-source, Java app called Bookbinder from Quantum Elephant. Bookbinder is great for large PDFs. It imposes them into signatures and saves each as a separate pdf. Then print each signature. I do want to explore the links you have given as well.

Again, thank you for the help.


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