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As Scribus "Aqua" been tested with OS X Lion?

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Is there a version of Scribus that is working with the next version of Mac OS X (Lion , OS X 10.7)?

do you have lion? have you tried?


--- Quote from: a.l.e on June 16, 2011, 11:56:18 pm ---do you have lion? have you tried?

--- End quote ---
No I haven't Lion yet but I plan to buy it when it will be released in July.

Because I'm using Scribus on Snow Leopard quite often, I hope it will work fine with Lion.

That's all.

on the one side, i don't think that the scribus team has access to apple's systems before they are released...

on the other side, i wonder why you are talking about scribus "aqua"... there is no aqua version of scribus anymore... it's just an application for mac, now!
with a correct .dmg for installing it.
(this is important, because depending on the way you're installing scribus on mac, you may still see a -aqua package floating around, but it's probably a very old one! don't use it :-)

Ale is right. We don't have access to pre-release versions of MacOS X. Why would we even want to test Scribus against something that's not even released yet anyway?


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