An easy way to make a teardrop shape

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Here's a quick tip showing how you can easily make a teardrop shape without messing around in the node editor.

1. First, using the Default Shapes, draw a circle. It doesn't matter how large but make sure it's circular and not an ellipse.
2. Second, draw - via Special Shapes - a heart. Give it the same width as the circle and make its height 1.5 times the circle's height/width.
3. Align the shapes along their vertical centre and manually move them vertically until they look like figure 3.
4. Drag-select both shapes and choose "Item -> Path Tools -> Path Operations...", make sure you've got "Unites the shapes" selected - it doesn't matter which way round the shapes were selected - and OK the dialog.

You should now have a teardrop, which you can either flip or rotate so it's the right way round.

Once you have the basic shape you can use it for different things.

Example 1: Add a radial gradient fill and some embellishments to make it look like a water droplet.
Example 2: Draw a smaller circle and use the Path Operations to Subtract that from the teardrop, then rotate the result by 180deg and give it a shadow to make a nice "map pin".

I'm sure you can think of more interesting uses for it.

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Where's the 'Like' button?

Just wanted to let you know that I (for one) really appreciate your many tips and tricks for how to make this or that. Keep it coming.

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You're welcome Samps.

I'm glad that some people like yourself appreciate my little tips and tutorials.
You might also like the one I've just posted about making a little cloud.
It's not Earth-shattering or anything like that, but I think its pretty cute.

Cheers, Garry.


Yes, thanks for this. Love tutorials. Following along helps newbs like me learn the program and what it's capable of, and the skills learned can then be applied to create better documents. Thanks!