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Nermander, it sounds like you've got your own version control and backup situation well in hand. (I looked at Total Commander but it doesn't look like it's for OSX so I can't use it to see what I'm missing, but maybe others will like it.)

I agree that my very basic "Save As" solution isn't great and has its potential problems so I'd be interested in hearing what other people do for version control.

Basically I've been doing pretty much the same thing since reasonably high-density random access storage became available so there are probably many new methods I could try. (In the interests of trying to maintain a little dignity I won't go into what I used to do when saving the latest versions of my programs to cassette tape way back in the stone age!)

Maybe someone can suggest something that will convince me to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. No promises though.


Yes, Total Commander is a Windows program, it's basically a clone of the old Norton Commander. There are probably clones for OS X too:)

Here's one http://themaninhat.com/mover.html (a quick google hit)

The advantage is that it works with two panels, copies and moves are always made from one of the open panels to the other.

But even though I try to make my backup copies I sometimes forget... As I said, user mistakes are more frequent than program errors:)


Thanks for the link to "Mover". I'll have to give it a try at some point.

I've been using muCommander for a while now, on and off, but I don't really like it because it's got no search facility. It does "punch through" all of the normal file visibility rules that OSX Finder uses though so it's useful every now and again (if you already know where to look for stuff).

[Aside: I remember using Norton Commander but preferred PC BOSS. Come to think of it I might still have a copy of that somewhere if I looked hard enough.]

A while ago I wondered whether I should be using some kind of Subversion/Git repository for version control but a quick look at them told me that they're probably too complicated for my simple needs.

I'm still open to suggestions though, even though we're quite off topic now - sorry rascalsmom.