Scribus Icons Contest 2011

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This is just a suggestion, but as this topic is about something that was supposed to be happening more than two years ago, should it really still be pinned to the top of this board?

I'm only asking, but should it not be "unpinned" now? I just can't see it's relevance anymore.

P.S. However, I'd be very interested to hear what happened with this, if anything.


Following on from my previous suggestion, I think this topic should be unpinned - it's nearly four years old now - and replaced with another that points people to the Scribus UI icons repo created by a.l.e. a while ago:

It would help to give more publicity to the repo and more people might get interested.

People coming to this thread will be wondering how modern Scribus is when the first thing they see in this topic is something about a contest in 2011!

It's just a thought.



indeed, we can now think how to make that repository public... and check how to manage it, too!

last week i to change a bit the concept.

i wanted to start from the current scribus icons and replace the icons one by one, as soon as new ones exist.

craig told me to change the license (to the GPL + some specific conditions that do not matter to icons) and, since i prefer having standard licenses that are easier to manage in the long term, i had to replace all the icons by empty placeholders.
the current cc-by-sa license should be compatible with the scribsu license.

further, we will have to create a patch to scribus that adds a preference for the location of the icons or a script that replaces only the icons that we have.

both are probably rather easy to do.

but, first, i want to see icons :-)



That's great, thanks. It's been bugging me for some time.

A while ago I started a little experiment to create some "minimalist" icons using only the tools within Scribus but I gave up after a few hours. (I thought it would be nice to create the Scribus icons within Scribus.)

I've attached a screenshot showing how far I got. I've no idea if I'll be bothering to finish them. Like I say, it was just an experiment.

They're not great or anything like that - and they still need a whole lot of work - but I can supply the SLA if anyone is interested in experimenting further, or just wants to have a play around with them.

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