Installing Scribus on Win 8.1

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There are numerous posts around the internet implying that Win 8.1 will not allow Scribus to run.  Today is April 6, 2014 and I just installed and ran Scribus on my window 8.1 Dell computer with no problems.  It is a new Dell 660S, just for the record.  First I installed ghostscript, as instructed and then Scribus.  After the installation of Scribus, the installer opened the program, I was able to open a Scribus file from last year that was on my old computer and make edits.  The downloads were initiated from the site; but were redirected to Sourceforge.


Hello JPfrmME
I'm a newbie too. Joined yesterday. I was never allowed to download Scribus. I have a Dell Inspiron One 2020 - 8.1. My problem was Symantec. Norton stopped the d/l and deleted it. I have screen captures of all the threat boxes that it gave me, titled - File Insight - This threat has been removed - This file risk is High - but in the end I was directed to which gave me info on - Threat Name: Suspicious.Cloud.9 - Type:  Trojan, Virus. I figured that you would want this info and I still want to download Scribus. So what do you think?